Leveling up in real life: every move is a new opportunity.

Every location change leads to environment change. Every environment change leads to a changed you.

Dominik Nitsch
4 min readJun 13, 2021
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First impressions matter. It takes us about 100ms to make up our mind about a person. Once we’ve made up our mind, it’s hard to change our initial idea of the other person.

A quote I’ve often heard from my grandmothers is: “you’ve become so big — but to me you’re still that cute 2 year old that used to stay here all summer”. I’m sure you’ve heard the same.

The same is true when your parents remind you to be responsible, to wear a helmet, or try to tell you what’s the right thing to do when looking for a job … Mom, I’m 27, have already founded a company and lived on my own for 9 years. Hey, I can think on my own and (mostly) remember to take out the trash.

Yet in their mind, to some extent we’re still the children that we once were.

In my experience, the perception of identity is static — even though identity itself is fluid.

In the moment we get to know a person, our impression about their identity is formed. From there, the perception may change over time, but the majority of our perception of their identity will remain the same, no matter how much time…



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